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Polishing and cleaning pastes

Removes contamination and rust film and forms a water and dirt repellent layer.

Polishing and cleaning pastes - TE-720

Protector PT 700

Protector PT 700 is a colourless, non- odorous highly refined acid-free medical white oil. It is excellently suited as finishing material after mechanical and chemical surface treatment. PT700 removes slight contamination and finger- prints and leaves an even surface image if applied properly (thinly) and guarantees a temporary corrosion protection. Protector PT 700 does not contain solvents or CFCs resp. additives to be declared according to German Chemicals Legislation.

Cleaning and Conservation Product TE 720

The cleaning and conservation product TE 720 excels by its highly active cleaning power and longterm protective conser- vation. Synthetic wax combinations together with cleaning additives allow to remove different kinds of contaminations and slight layers of rust. At the same time a protective film is formed which repels dirt and humidity. It is excellently suited for all bright, polished, smoothed and varnished surfaces.

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